Ewa Witkowska
by Dominik Tarabański
Financial District, New York City

Exploring the triumphant history of woman’s suit, it’s impossible to forget about its symbolic role in liberation and independence of women.

Today, I don’t want women to masquerade as men, I also don’t want to focus on sexiness. I consciously refuse stereotypical gender roles on all fronts, including fashion.

I believe that women can walk into any room looking sexy without wearing powerful-looking clothes and still prove their respect and authority.

Tailoring is an integral part of 2020 Pre-Fall collection. You’ll find there 1970's inspired suits with high-waisted, wide-leg pants, statement blazers with broad shoulders and suit vests. You can always make a bold statement and wear the oversized jacket with nothing else underneath.

This collection has been designed for those who, like Chanel, Dietrich, Hepburn, and Jagger, refused to accept anything less than the best.

To all of you we say welcome to the Magda Butrym
self-confidence club.


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