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Luciano Nollomont
by Martina Bjorn
Brussels, Belgium

Fashion has always been a language of freedom.

Freedom to choose how we express ourselves to the world,
freedom to tell our own stories, freedom to blur the lines
between old and new, luxury and casual, masculinity and femininity.

The intention of this project was not to redefine manhood archetypes or to dress Luciano as a woman.

Rather, it was a celebration of fluid masculine energy.
Although at first glance you may see the model
wearing women’s clothes, further reflection allows
you to see what is simply a well-dressed human being.
It’s very simple. If you find something that you feel amazing in,
you should go for it no matter what the label says.

Luciano wears classic silhouettes, timeless tailoring pieces, accessories
and the jewellery Magda Butrym Fall Winter collection.

This versatility proves the true brilliance of craftsmanship,
reminding us of the power and significance of genuine dressmaking.

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The men and women of today can express themselves in the ways
that never seemed possible before.

Women wearing menswear don’t surprise us anymore
with the boyfriend jeans, shorts and all kinds of oversized garments.
Then why the idea of men borrowing clothes from women’s closets
seems to amaze us more?

There is no textbook on masculinity.
Once we remove all the barriers,
we might open up to the kind of vulnerability
that can help us to enjoy fashion to the fullest.



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