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Adot and Tricia
by Kat Irlin
Miami, USA

I can’t think of anything that unites humans better than our longing for the sun. It’s remarkable how much we have in common with people throughout time and across the globe.

Imagine you’re catching a full blaze of a late afternoon sun…

For a moment we can stop and rejoice at the beauty of the world manifested by the power of sunlight. Activated by the light, we instinctively respond to it. The natural world turns its face towards the sun, driven by primal solar dynamism.

I always wanted to create my swimwear line. Women remind me of the sun. Whether we rise or set, we always shine. We are the ultimate stars.

Designing process was challenging as the expressive possibilities of swimsuits are limitless. I decided to take some of the ‚leisure’ and the ‚holidays’ out of it and transpose it towards more elevated pieces.
After all, sun is one of the few fundamental encounters with nature that we can still experience in the city.

That’s why my collection surpasses the conventional meanings conveyed by beachwear. I wanted to create something you can experience beyond your holidays. I wanted it to be something that fits into your life. The sort of swimsuit I would wear all day myself. Breaking the standards, I take my swimsuit to the beach but I also style it with an elegant suit, silk skirt or casual pair of jeans.
The monochrome dressing has its own effortless ease, you just can’t go wrong with it.

I hope this collection will make your wardrobe a little bit sunnier.
I also hope that it will bring you a sense of happiness.

Now let’s look up to the sun and take a deep breath.
Let’s dream, aspire and be carried away.