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Athalia and Karolina
by Staszek Boniecki
Warsaw, Poland

Handwoven garments are present in all of my collections. They are one of the brand’s trademarks. Focusing on tactility, I collaborate with Polish contemporary artisans who craft objects by hand whilst embracing the world of luxury fashion.

I believe that craftsmanship forms a new aesthetic in fashion. My very own take on handicraft reflects a lifestyle that is conscious of both cultural roots and artisanal strengths. Breaking through tradition, I try to reinvent crocheting and loom weaving techniques, preserving the art and craft of fashion design.

The versatility of handmade garments makes them an endless source of inspiration. Not only is the technique sustainable, it is also versatile.
By using various patterns, it can be transformed into different garments, such as dresses, tailoring, swimwear and even shoes. In my Spring Summer 21 collection, I introduce the total handwoven look - crocheted shoes, pants and bra, styled with the oversized jacket woven on the loom. It’s the perfect combination of creative freedom, artistic statement and cultural awareness.

I’m so proud and happy to be working with all of the talented master artisans who help make my collections special.
We’ll do our best to make sure that craftsmanship is cultivated as an essential aspect of fashion.